The beginning started out with the establishment of Hijazi and Ghosheh FMCG Company in 1985, which evolved to form the Hijazi and Ghosheh Group, which is currently known and pioneered in the field of meat and FMCG, which now includes several distinguished companies in various commercial and industrial sectors.

With the expansion of the business scope of Hijazi and Ghosheh Group and within the group's vision of continuous growth and its endeavor to ensure the best levels of quality for the consumer, the need to create a distinct identity for the specialized businesses in the food sector under the name hg ™.

With the launch of this new brand, it includes the following food divisions: red and white meat products, frozen meat, chilled meat, canned meat, martadella, pastries and soft drinks (natural juices, soft drinks, malt drink, alcohol-free and energy drinks).


We strive to provide food commodities to consumers and ensure the best levels of international quality at the best economic value, in accordance with international quality standards, and in accordance with the provisions of Islamic Sharia, and in a manner that achieves sustainable development goals and achieving food security at the local and global levels.


We aim through the diversification of hg nutritional products to serve the widest range of consumers, as we strive to meet all categories of consumers of different needs, tastes and life requirements.

In order to achieve these goals and raise the degree of satisfaction and the level of well-being of our customers, hg harnesses its highest potentials for this sector, as hg is characterized by adherence to the highest international quality standards and its possession of ISO and HACCP certificates, and the expansion of the local and international supply and distribution networks, which enables it to provide Integrated solutions to ensure continuity of food supply at the best value and the highest quality.